A concept that embraces the prospect of infinite possibilities for artists to create music about the intangible such as: The Unnameable, The Unspeakable, The Unthinkable, The Unidentifiable, etc. Various aspects related to 'The Unknown'. Sound artists and artwork designers were invited to work on the theme of the 'grey matter' / the 'dark continent' surrounding us & within us: Transforming this paradoxical idea into acoustic and visual objectifications.

You find here infos about the label concept & releases, but this should also function as a forum and collection for more general texts & thoughts about the theme "The Unknown" in relation to sound & music from different perspectives, assuming that Music has its roots in pre-verbal, pre-symbolic spheres that can bring us in touch with the Inscrutable.

We encourage everyone interested in this to contribute articles, reviews, quotes, etc. that can be published on these pages, be it from a philosophical, psychological, sociological, cosmological, esoteric, or just poetic perspective. It's our aim to link here the "scientific" with the "cultural" and "subjective" view.

SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA is a release-series from Drone Records about the "The Unknown".