02/2017: YANNICK DAUBY & HITOSHI KOJO "La Vie dans les Airs & dans les Eaux" | SUB-24
Two pieces based on environmental, concrete & instrumental sources recorded in various parts of the world between 2006-2013, we present the first ever collaboration release of these two cosmopolitan sound artists from France and Japan: mysterious (micro)-sounds that could come from minerals, stones, plants, or daily objects and instruments - opening up two soundscaping tracks full of wondrous elements, combining the 'concrete' with the sublime and the atmospheric.... lim. 300, cover artwork by ANDREW CHALK

04/2016: SUB-23 OUT !!
We are very proud to release KRENGS most intense soundtrack "SELFED" in three parts for a solo dance performance choreography by KEVIN TRAPPENIERS, relating to the phenomenum of 'Self-Pollination' in Biology.
It's a double 10" (45 rpm) in a full colour gatefold sleeve, first ed. of 498 copies; two different coloured vinyls, the fourth side has a 'clear on red' etching with the credits, looks marvellous!

11/2015: TOY BIZARRE - kdi dctb 180 | SUB-22 is out!
Two phantastic transformative pieces created from field recordings made at a 'hidden place' in France: "It's a place where you can feel there is something. There is a path deep in the woods, where, as a child, I used to run - walking was really too frightening there. Spent a lot of time there, trying to track down the essence of the place, trying to catch the unknown." [Cedric Peyronnet / toy bizarre] Lim. 300 / clear vinyl

09/2015: SUB-21: MOLJEBKA PVLSE - In Love and Death You are Alone
After a long break our series dealing with "the Unknown" continues with this great 10" by Stockholm based MOLJEBKA PVLSE, presenting two dense & emotional drone-tracks ("In Love and Death" , "You are Alone") that form an existential unity; lim. 300 only, comes on crystal clear vinyl with 'frozen bronze' metallic cover print.