KALLABRIS "Music for very simple objects"

Maybe the most mysterious & thought-provoking german experimental project with recordings derived from field recordings so bizarre it's difficult to find any words for it!

This work features very short sequences of concrete sounds, arranged in a structural and temporal way that the "known reality" is placed in a new frame & context, thus making it possible that the world behind may become "visible" through our acoustic senses. What is usually familiar is suspended in order to make new experiences. The used acoustic elements have been configured in a certain causal formation which is not consciously perceivable within the phenomenal order. The phenomenon hides the principle & substance of the sound-pieces.

"Sowohl das Reihungsprinzip selbst als auch die Substanz der Elemente bleiben in der phänomenalen Anordnung verborgen (also unbekannt) - das Phänomen verdeckt Prinzip und Substanz, weil weder räumliche noch zeitliche Ordnungen dazwischen treten können. - substantia innominata et principium innominatum." [Kallabris]

Great full colour artwork by Mal Hoeschen (Multer, Genesungswerk, Schauzeichen), edition of 500 copies, transparent fluor green vinyl.